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Reach the Summit with Emerald Rewards.

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Ascend Loans eases the financial climb with lower rates

We understand that the climb to financial independence comes with a few obstacles. So, if you need a loan in the future, you can trust us to be here with a helping hand and lower rates each time you borrow.* It’s all part of Emerald Rewards from Ascend Loans – our exclusive loan program designed just for returning customers.

The Emerald Rewards Path

Just like your climb to financial independence, Emerald Rewards gets better as you Ascend.

Emerald Summit

The view is always better at the top, and for Ascend Loans returning customers reaching the Emerald Summit level, so are the rates. At this level you’ll qualify for the absolute best terms we offer because you are the absolute best when it comes to a customer.* While we hope one loan gets you back on the right path. We also understand life isn’t always that simple. Short-term financial stress can come up again. We’ll be here if you need us along your climb to financial stability.

Emerald Ascent

Another rock in your path? You can turn to Ascend Loans if you need us for short-term help. We reward successful Emerald Trek customers an upgrade to Emerald Ascent.* At this level you’ll enjoy an even lower rate and a higher loan amount, if you qualify. All you have to do is pay your Emerald Trek loans as agreed and have no major changes to income or credit history since your last loan.

Emerald trek

After you pay your new customer loan, you’ll start at this trail marker if you need another loan in the future. Your application path is a bit shorter here than the one you took for your new customer loan. And, your rate will be less than on your new customer loan.* So, if you borrow the same amount, you’ll have a lower payment. If you qualify, you can also opt for a higher loan amount. If you do, your payments would be more than your first loan, but you’ll pay less than a new customer would for the same amount.

Your Rewards are waiting.

Get a lower rate with every Emerald Rewards loan. *

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While You May Be Climbing, Your Rate Won’t

Just by paying your current loan, you can earn rewards on your next loan. No jokes. No strings. We really reward you just for doing what you say you’ll do on your current loan – pay us back. And we keep doing it on any future loan you need from us. Your interest rate goes down every time you borrow.* Why? Well, because we really do want to help make your trek to financial security a bit more manageable when you are faced with a short-term financial roadblock.

*Must meet minimum underwriting requirements. Payments are lower only if you borrow the same amount with the same repayment terms as your prior loan. If your most recent loan did not meet minimum qualifications for advancement in the Emerald Rewards program, your rate may not be lower than your most recent loan. Your loan amount will not exceed a maximum loan of $1,000.

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Applications approved by 4:00 p.m. pacific time Monday through Friday are typically funded the next business day. Ascend may perform credit checks or otherwise verify the personal and financial information submitted on your application through traditional and alternative credit bureaus. If we are unable to verify your application information electronically, we will perform a manual verification in which you will be asked to provide certain documents. Manual verification may delay your loan decision and, if you are approved, funding. First-time Ascend customers may qualify for a loan of $300.00 up to $1,000.00. Customers with good payment history may qualify for subsequent loans at a lower APR and increased dollar amount not to exceed $1,000.00. Complete disclosures of APR, fees, and payment terms are set forth in the loan agreement which you should read before you sign and obtain funds. Your loan may be repaid at any time without penalty.


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